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We know you’ve always been itching for adventure and to look cool on real rock, test your toughness on proper white water or to personally experience the Drakensberg. Here you will find all of it!

You can expect paddling, climbing and hiking on some of South Africa’s best, with legal and professional guiding, skills development, improved knowledge and of course, fun!


The white water you will be paddling is proper, testing your nerve and skill. Where else, than the Tugela River? Guide training, rafting or kayaking, single day or multi-day, class 1-5.

The Tugela River in KwaZulu-Natal is our playground when it comes to white water rafting and kayaking. Where else? Nowhere else will you find more action, excitement and bush. It really is one of South Africa’s best white water destinations. We operate on a lengthy part of the river; about a hundred and thirty kilometers from the town of Bergville all the way to Causeway, just downstream from the town of Weneen. The river offers just about everything. Outings vary from the short, very accessible and mellow to the long and isolated rough stuff. Depending on your request, group composition/competency or river conditions, we will either make use of large inflatable rafts (2 to 8-man) or white water kayaks.


Climbing is real, on real rock, with real chalk on your hands, with real rubber on your feet and you are in charge of the belay. If we cannot offer it on these terms, we wouldn’t bother in the first place.

The climbing on offer is mostly sport. And it is the real thing, nothing artificial about it – real rock, with real rubber on your feet, real chalk on your hands, you pick the route you want to climb and you are in charge of the belay. If we cannot offer it on these terms we will not bother in the first place! Our specialities are the Swinburne and Eagle Mountain Crags (near Harrismith) in the Free State, as well as the beautiful White Umfolozi Crag (near Vryheid) in the heart of Zululand. Take note though that we are not restricted to these areas, climbing outings can be conducted nationally. Swinburne and Eagle Mountain (formerly known as Mount Everest) are the two main climbing areas in the Free State Province. Both are situated around the town of Harrismith, barely twenty kilometers from each other.


The Ukhahlamba Drakensberg. The name says it all! Big, rugged, tough, beautiful and spectacular! Outings can be of any length, whenever, where ever and at any time, Little and High Berg.

This would be hiking in the one and only: the Ukhahlamba Drakensberg, South Africa’s biggest mountain range. The name says it all! Big, rugged, tough, beautiful and spectacular! Outings can be conducted anywhere, any time and of any length. This includes the Little and High Berg. 

High Berg: This is a place you have to visit at least once in your lifetime. The average height of this part of the ‘Berg is about 3 000 metres above sea level. You are literally standing on top of the border between South Africa and Lesotho, with KwaZulu-Natal at your feet. However, you have to work for it. It usually involves ascending one of the ‘Berg’s many mountain passes, which is relatively long and very steep. You are in true mountain country surrounded by giant loose standing peaks. To make this type of outing worth your while, you need at least four to fivedays (or longer). Your reward will leave you breathless and inspired. No question! Let us know if you have a specific route in mind or if you want us to plan a route for you.

Little Berg: The Little Berg is mostly the foothills of the High Berg. Amongst these hills you can expect more diverse fauna and flora, valleys with indigenous forests, caves, rivers, creeks and waterfalls. These types of walks are a lot more suited for all ages, shapes, sizes and fitness levels. Outings from a few hours to a few days can easily be arranged. Usually spending a bit of time in some of the Little Berg’s many caves is a high priority.

During the most favourable times of high summer (January/February), autumn (April/May), winter (June/July) and of course springtime(September/October), we will be scheduling an overnight Drakensberg hike, every year. Dates are to be confirmed well in advance before each outing begins. These are the times when you want to be in the Berg. These outings can take place anywhere in the Berg and the routes will differ from year to year. Please take note that our hiking outings will not only take place on these terms, hiking takes place on demand as well. 


It is our mission to provide authentic experiences leaving you refreshed, informed, exhilarated and inspired.



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