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Excelsior Road, La Bri Estate, Franschhoek 7690, Western Cape, South Africa
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La Bri Wine Estate is a vibrant boutique winery nestled in the picturesque Franschhoek valley, producing award winning, signature styled wines and offers wine tasting experiences.

La Bri Estate’s Vineyard and Cellar Renaissance

The crux of the La Bri renaissance began with the 2008 harvest, the first to be crushed in the new, modern 120 tonne cellar on the Estate.

The new cellar has unique circular design and boasts a gravity-fed winemaking process. This allows the team to focus on producing limited volumes of superior quality, elegant wines, that people want to drink and enjoy.

To this end, the grapes and wine are, where possible, moved by gravity in order to minimise the use of pumps. To protect and preserve the fruit’s freshness, all grapes are hand-picked and stored overnight in a cold room. The red grapes are then sorted, first as bunches and then as berries, after which they are hoisted in a satellite tank and tipped into fermentation tanks. A pneumatic punch-down system allows for constant skin contact with the fermenting juice, which in turn allows for the maximum extraction of colour. Automated temperature controls built into the tanks ensure ideal fermentation temperatures, while individually programmed pressing cycles ensure the optimum recovery of quality juice.

The 15 hectares of vineyards at La Bri grow in diverse soil types from sandy loam to deep and rich alluvial soils. This allows for the range of Grape varieties grown from Cabernet sauvignon to Viognier.

The myth that great wine can’t be grown in the Franschhoek Valley is rapidly losing traction. We believe that the terroir in the upper reaches of the Valley offers sufficient diversity in the climate and soil. This aspect, when combined with meticulous vineyard management practices and artisanal winemaking, can produce outstanding wines. The Franschhoek Valley wines are well capable of competing with the best wines South Africa has to offer.

Each La Bri wine has its own Cape flower on the label, with the exception of the Syrah, which appropriately features herbs.

Here is a list of our wines, and the flowers adorning the labels:

* Chardonnay (Clivia miniata – Yellow Clivia)
* Viognier (Ixia viridiflora - Green Ixia)
* Affinity (Geissorhiza radians - Wine Cup)
* Syrah (Herbae – Herbs)
* Merlot (Amaryllis belladonna - March Lily)
* Cabernet Sauvignon ( Watsonia alba - White Watsonia)

Cellar Door Experiences

* Wine Pairings
* Cheese Platters
* Picnics
* Tram Experience


La Bri Estate offers you an exceptional venue for intimate, enchanting and romantic pre-wedding functions, weddings or celebrations. All the spaces are rich in heritage and offer the perfect setting for that truly special occasion. La Bri Estate also offers a big lawn with a gazebo/Marquee for breath-taking garden weddings and functions during the summer season. We can assist you with the set-up of your wedding or function and we can even provide you with catering services.



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Excelsior Road, La Bri Estate, Franschhoek 7690, Western Cape, South Africa

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